DEMO - Free trial

DEMO - Free trial

Note that this just concerns a demonstration to provide you with a try out and experience the look and feel. Most (other) simulations are much more comprehensive and more complex, although there is also a wide variety of simulations for starters. The simulations are suitable to explain all relevant fundamentals and essentials of trading. This particular DEMO is just to provide you with an introduction to our offering, nothing more.

This simulation concerns exchange-trading of bio-ethanol futures contracts.

See our Simulation Guide on our website if you'd like to know which types of simulations are available, how they work (functionality & technicalities) and what is expected of you.

Especially section II ("Technical details") explains very relevant aspects for a user, including:

  • Pause button (top of screen)
  • Order ticket (pop-up screen via mouse click)
  • Hit the bid (click on the bid price); lift the offer (click on the ask price)
  • Change price chart (select by clicking on product)